About Us

Favona, Auckland:

Favona as a suburb of Auckland came into being in 1851, initially as market gardens / lifestyle farmlets supplying produce to a growing Auckland.

As Favona developed, it became industrialized over the years with some of the heaviest industry in New Zealand being located here.

Despite this shift in land use towards commercial / industrial, residential areas remained and today Favona comprises a wide variety of Ratepayers and Residents, from heavy industrial (Business Class 6), through to Residential and everything in between.

This Website:

“Favona Ratepayers” is a new / developing website focused on providing transparent, independent and inclusive representation – free of any “conflicts-of-interest” – for local Businesses and Residents in the Favona area.

Early work is currently underway to form a local independent Business Forum and Residents Association, that will work together on items relating to what’s best for our suburb / communities and the wishes and best interests of local businesses and residents.

Favona Ratepayers Group is free to join and is a free service provided by local property owner / businessman, Mark Erskine.