BID Expansion Ballot – BEWARE! (#1)

With the Auckland Council BID Expansion Ballot under way, it’s most important all property / business owners in the proposed Favona BID Expansion area ALL vote, because:

Throwing your ballot papers in the bin (where they belong) doesn’t count as a NO vote.
Auckland Council / SHBA are likely counting on the majority of local property and business owners NOT voting, because ……
The complex Auckland Council BID Ballot Policy has been designed to allow as few as 13% of property / business owners in the Favona / Savill Drive areas (who misguidedly vote YES), to lock the other 77% of local property / business owners (who want nothing to do with SHBA), into funding the SHBA BID association via excessive targeted rates payments collected by Auckland Council every year thereafter.
Please remember the voting closes at 12 noon Wednesday 29 November 2017.

It’s this simple:

Property owners – if you don’t want to pay Auckland Council considerably higher rates every year for nothing of value in return.
Business tenants – If you don’t want to pay considerably higher rent for nothing of value in return.



  • The few minimal services “promised” by SHBA are all available in better quality and value from multitudes of specialist private sector suppliers – SUPPORT USER PAYS!
  • Check with 70% of Mahunga Drive businesses before you vote (But NOT the SHBA Board Members). They will tell you SHBA have had no impact on “Business Development”, “crime reduction” or anything else of value for local businesses over the last 5 years.
  • Most Mahunga Drive businesses have so little contact with SHBA, these businesses don’t even know they have been funding SHBA every year from either targeted rates or rent!
  • I encourage you to confirm all this yourselves – BEFORE YOU VOTE!
  • Refer to for all the information SHBA have NOT given you.
  • If you have already voted YES based on False Statements from SHBA, contact Independant Election Services Ltd to change your vote to NO!