BID Expansion – BEWARE #3

BID Expansion Voting Papers (Favona, Savill Drive area) :

There are various discrepancies appearing in the provision and addressing of the Auckland Council / SHBA BID Expansion Ballot papers.

When the complex and lengthy Auckland Council BID Policy requirements for this Ballot are considered, these discrepancies become very hard for Auckland Council and South Harbour Business Association (SHBA) to explain.

If you haven’t received your Ballot voting pack(s), please contact:

  • Independent Election Services Ltd directly (, (09) 973 5212 / 0800 922 822).
  • Please also let me know.

Voting “NO” in this Auckland Council / SHBA BID Ballot / scam is very important.

DO NOT contact SHBA representatives if:

  • You haven’t received your voting papers (one pack for the property owner, one pack for the business tenant).
  • There is some other irregularity.

All of the ballot voting papers are printed and controlled by Independent Election Services Ltd (IES) and are printed with unique bar codes and number codes that identify each individual:

  • Property owner
  • Business tenant

The unique and individual identifying features on each voting form are what validate each vote (postal or online) when received back by IES.

Without those unique security features, the voting paper would be considered “invalid” by IES Ltd and would be deleted.

Legislation (Local Electoral Act etc) and the Auckland Council BID Policy prevents IES from providing SHBA (particularly SHBA!) with duplicate voting forms to pass on to property / business owners in the BID Expansion Ballot area.

If SHBA representatives offer you duplicate voting forms (It has been happening), please let me know immediately and forward a scan of both sides of the voting form they provided you.