Update from South Harbour Business Assoc regarding the BID expansion Ballot


Please note and consider the comments / questions added to the SHBA notice in BLUE below.

Please advise if you have any additional comments and / or questions.


Due to an administrative issue we had to postpone the expansion ballot date.  The amended ballot period will be from 25 October 2017, closing 29 November 2017.  Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

It’s time to come together and unite Mangere’s commercial and industrial business community.   

  • Create a safe and prosperous precinct
  • A sought-after place to do business
  • Unify the area 

These are smug “marketing” statements plucked directly from the Auckland Council BID Program policy.

Ask yourselves:

  • Why is it exactly “Mangere’s” (or Favona’s)  commercial and industrial business community should be or wants to be united by the Auckland Council funded SHBA (A. Holley and C. Te Reo)? 
  • How does a former council officer (A. Holley) with no verifiable private sector business background  and a former real estate sales person (C. Te Reo) “Create a safe and prosperous precinct” or a “Sought after place to do business” or “Unify the area”, amongst the small through to very large / sophisticated businesses and property owners in Favona (or Mangere)?

Defined Benefits (what our current members and the wider business community of Mangere have asked us for) A false statement. If “current members and the wider business community of Mangere (or Favona)”  made any of the following requests to A. Holley / SHBA, can you please let me know. None have reported these requests to me.

  • To have a business association
  • Working together to have a safe and crime-free district (including CCTV)
  • To have an independent agency advocating for business and property owners
  • To be told about changes in the business environment
  • Networking events
  • Free recruitment services
  • Business mentoring
  • JP services
  • Emergency planning and more….

These items are an example of minimal, duplicated services depicted in the Auckland Council BID Program Policy, that are all available in abundance from specialist suppliers in the private sector on “user-pays” IF you need or want them.

Further, our Prospectus explains how BIDs operate and some of the policy requirements which we take great pleasure in adhering to. Thus, we can demonstrate democracy, transparency, compliance and added value in the services we deliver.  A false statement. The BID policy is 96 pages of complex policy that requires senior legal interpretation to understand fully “how BID’s operate” and more importantly for whose benefit and at what extravagant cost to businesses and property owners!


WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED 2016 – 2017 Achieved for who? Can any business or property owner  in Mangere or Favona please identify any key achievements made by SHBA for your business or property this year or in the last 5 years?

None have been identified to date by either:

  • Local businesses or property owners (Mahunga Drive or Favona).
  • A. Holley / SHBA

Working in partnerships:


  • Business Plan completed and approved at 2016 AGM
  • Compliance with BID contract evidenced by quarterly reviews.
  • Uptake of ATEED offerings/Airport Connect events.
  • Compliance with Constitution (Audited accounts).
  • Contributed to Ara Jobs and Skills Hub – local jobs for local community
  • Business Mentoring

Can anyone please identify any key benefits for the majority of local businesses / property owners from these bullet points?

Has any local business / property owner benefited from any of these so called  “partnerships”?



  • Submissions prepared on behalf of members and stakeholders, including councils’ Draft Annual Plan and the Draft Local Board Plan When questioned why there weren’t any positive outcomes for local businesses and property owners from the claimed SHBA submissions?”,  A. Holley stated “The council won’t listen to me”.                        
  • Successful Transpower Transmission Corridor Appeal and Arbitration  Many companies, groups, organizations and property owners submitted on this matter 3 or 4 years ago.  Btw, the decision by Transpower to narrow the transmission corridor was a direct benefit for Auckland Council.                         
  • Successful in achieving redesign of Norana Walkway thus addressing the concerns our business community told us about. A false statement.  If SHBA had anything to do with Parks redesigning the cycleway, it was to retain the original dangerous design and then remove security lighting, security cameras, security patrols, security  gates and barriers and to maintain provide multiple 24/7 non-observed entry / exit points along the cycleway etc (see www.favonaratepaers.org.nz) .               

Regular communication:


  • Minimum of two site visits annually to each business by association staff
  • Minimum of monthly communications available to every business (emails, phone calls, news,     Facebook items etc).
  • Website maintained.
  • Active contribution to MOLB BID Managers’ Forum

If anyone can identify the key benefits to local businesses and property owners from these items, please let me know?

Focus on health, safety and security:


  • Major Hazard Facilities Tier 1 and Tier 2 Community Consultation and Communications Project. Duplicating Worksafe New Zealand activities.  SHBA not mandated by Worksafe.
  • Resilient Business and Community Emergency Planning and Response Project  No idea what this means or what it is. If anyone does, please let me know.                      
  • After hours Emergency Response database maintained as Police ‘Point of Truth’. No idea what this is. If anyone does, please let me know.
  • Satisfaction levels in security surveillance services. If this refers to Mahunga Drive, the local businesses canvased note no decrease in crime in the last 5 years.                         
  • Levels of reported crime. Counties-Manukau Police records unreliable due to in-house manipulation of property crime stats, however Mahunga Drive businesses canvased recently report no change in crime levels in the last 5 years.  Police District Commander admits on Sunday program (June 2017)  “Police cannot arrest our way out of this crime problem” and “The chances of catching and prosecuting property criminals are extremely low”.                        
  • CPTED auditing and reporting. Not done by SHBA. A single falsified “safety report” was produced by Auckland Council contractor Peake Design on the cycleway – please see report on www.favonaratepayers.org.nz      
  • Response to CPTED communications (# issues having a timely resolution) Unlikely – if anyone knows anything about this claimed activity, please let me know.                       
  • Partnership with Police   Police can’t confirm  any “partnership” with SHBA
  • CCTV capacity and capability expanded. A total of $98,478 of targeted rate funding spent by SHBA in 2015 & 16 on “Security Services”, which would include CCTV and mobile patrols. This seems extremely expensive for what little there is – has any SHBA member or board member checked these amounts? SHBA Treasurer Ken Blakie?  According to businesses contacted so far in Mahunga Drive there has been no reduction in crime in the area.   If anyone knows what was spent by SHBA in 2017 on “capacity and capability expanded”, please let me know.                        
  • Trouble shooting – dumping, graffiti, signage, litter,  Duplicating council services.  If anyone has noticed a reduction in dumping, graffiti, litter etc, in Mahunga Drive (or Mangere or Favona), please let me know.    Is unlikely because of dangerous council insolvency and resulting worsening performance by various council contractors on these items.                       



  • Minimum of 3 networking opportunities communicated.
  • Businesses database maintained
  • Participation in MOLB economic development planning
  • Participation in Auckland Region South BID Forum – sharing learnings and best practice
  • Active member Auckland South Civil Defence

Has any of this section resulted in any key benefits for Mahunga Drive business / property owners? Please let me know.